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TDC is listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen and mainly owned by Danish and international institutional investors, Danish retail investors and TDC employees.

Share information

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Updated 3/29/2017 07:18:43 All prices in DKK
Trading code TDC
ISIN DK0060228559
Sector Telecommunications
Number of Shares 812.0000
Market Value 29232000000
Year High 38.6800
Year Low 34.9000
Last price 36.0000
Last closing price 36.4700
Change -0.4700
Change in % -1.2900
Buy price 35.9900
Ask price 36.0100
Average price 36.0919
Total volume 162940
Turnover 5880814.186
Low price 35.9700
High price 36.2400

Share capital

TDC’s issued share capital development since end 2011 has been impacted by a share buy-back program and cancellation of TDC treasury owned shares at the Annual General Meeting.

Date Changes in number of shares Activity Outstanding shares TDC treasury shares
9 March 2011 166,875,885 Cancellation of shares on Annual General Meeting 825,000,000 9,529,574
19 April 2012 17,748,937 Completed Share Buy-Back Program 825,000,000 26,116,058
7 March 2013 13,000,000 Cancellation of shares on Annual General Meeting 812,000,000 13,115,733


TDC has more than 44,000 shareholders, which includes Danish and international institutional investors, Danish private investors and TDC employees.

Major shareholders
Currently no shareholder has flagged a position above 5%.

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