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The TDC Group connects Denmark

Mobile telephony and broadband promote productivity in society by making everyday life easier and opening up new opportunities. In step with the increasing digitalisation of society, we all consider it an almost basic necessity to have access to telephone and internet connections anytime and anywhere. This places increasingly heavy demands on the digital infrastructure that links us all together.

The TDC Group plays a key role in Danish society. With more than 280,000 km of fibre, cable TV and copper cables, as well as strong 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks providing broad coverage, we service the very foundations that support digital Denmark on an everyday basis. In Finland, Norway and Sweden, we operate a fibre-based network that crosses international borders and allows us to deliver advanced communications solutions to commercial customers at the Nordic level. Following the acquisition of the Norwegian company Get in 2014, we also provide around 500,000 Norwegian households and companies with fibre-based network services.

Telemedicine and digital welfare

We are working actively to promote telemedicine and digital solutions in the field of welfare – solutions that are helping prepare society to tackle future challenges. Through this input, we are aiming simultaneously to develop welfare services that benefit the population in general, and to generate business opportunities as new technological opportunities become available.

Digital content services

The TDC Group is also focused on developing and promoting innovative digital content services. We are committed to continuing to support a creative and diverse production environment in Denmark, where digital services underpin the basis for creating art, films and music, for example.

Share With Care

Through our cooperation with industry partners, the Ministry of Culture and copyright owners in 2013, the TDC Group helped initiate the ’Share With Care’ campaign, which aims to promote legitimate use and sharing of digital content such as music and films. Various ’Share With Care’ surveys and innovation camps have been carried out as well as targeted information campaigns on legitimate content services. The campaign ended in 2014 and the final evaluation concluded that Share With Care had successfully gathered unique knowledge and stimulated widespread interest among stakeholders eager to work with digital culture in entirely new ways through completely new alliances. Now, the Share With Care website continue to provide information about legitimate digital content services. A joint Code of Conduct to promote legitimate digital services was drawn up between industry partners, the Ministry of Culture and copyright owners.

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