Our approach to CSR

Responsibility and sustainability form a natural part of our business. This stems from our historical heritage and our role in society as the leading technology and communications and entertainment provider in Denmark.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We view social responsiblity as an integral part of our business. With an ambitious approach to CSR as our starting point, specific initiatives branch out to all business areas with a shared goal of promoting social and environmental sustainability. At the same time, our strategic focus on CSR helps us generate commercial value. Not only by reinforcing the company’s reputation, but also by reducing costs, encouraging innovation and improving our understanding of what our stakeholders expect.

Five focus areas
We believe that our CSR efforts should be firmly based on our company profile: the field we work with, the countries we operate in, and the customers, employees and partners with whom we interact. That is why our work in the fields of responsibility and sustainability is structured according to five focus areas that are linked to our core business and have been selected on the basis of surveys and dialogue with customers, employees and investors. The five focus areas thus constitute the topics that are of greatest importance to our stakeholders, and represent the areas in which we, as a company, can make the biggest difference: 

  • Digital Denmark
  • Customer security and confidence
  • Climate and the environment
  • Employee well-being and diversity
  • Social partnerships

Our CSR Strategy applies to the entire TDC Group, including our Danish and Nordic subsidiaries. The following pages present more specific information about the chosen focus areas.

Integrity and transparency

Anti-corruption and gifts

The TDC Group is a firm supporter of free and equal competition on open and transparent terms. For this reason, we refuse to accept corruption in any shape or form.
global perspective

UN Global Compact

Many challenges facing society today are global in nature. Since 2009, we have therefore been a participant in the UN Global Compact, which is the world's biggest initiative for corporate sustainability.

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