Social partnerships

We take an active role in the society of which we form part.

At TDC Group, we are committed to making a positive contribution to society. As a guiding principle for our social commitment, we place emphasis on making use of our core competences in the field of technology and communication to help tackle the challenges facing society.

We currently have active partnerships with four organisations:

Post & Tele Museum
Together with Post Danmark, we have been financing operation of the Danish Post & Tele Museum since 1996. The Post & Tele Museum continuously develops exhibitions about the history of communication and the latest technologies.

Danish Red Cross
We work closely with the Danish Red Cross with the objective of supporting the organisation’s work in global disaster areas and for vulnerable groups in Denmark. Our cooperation has been in place since 2009 and features aspects such as our making available warehouse space for storing and maintaining Red Cross emergency aid equipment that has to be ready for distribution at short notice.

Denmark's Collection
We have been an active partner for the Denmark's Collection (Danmarks Indsamling) charity since 2007. Every year, Denmark's Collection collects funds for humanitarian purposes and development projects, and we make both employees and technology available to the organisation free of charge. For example, we help out with call-centres and the technical setup for collecting contributions through phone calls and text messages.

Children's Welfare
It is important to us both as a company and a member of society that children and young people have the opportunity to use digital technologies in a safe, secure manner. That is why we have a close partnership with Children's Welfare (Børns Vilkår), a children’s organisation, under the terms of which we supply free telephone and internet services for the children’s hotline BørneTelefonen.

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