From Brazil to Denmark

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From Brazil to Denmark
Four years ago, Daniel took a conscious decision to begin a new adventure in Denmark. His previous experience as an Art Director within the digital field encouraged him to apply for a Lead Designer role at TDC Group.


It’s all about the customer

Daniel joined our YouSee tribe, working to define and develop content on our site. He soon realised that everything we do, we do with a customer centric perspective and that is a vision he agrees with. Personalising the experience and listening to individual customer feedback allows us to rectify the rumours “TDC Group is too large an organisation to care”.

Working agile

Agile is a buzzword that most companies use, however only a handful of companies are truly working agile. Having engaged the agile journey a year and a half ago, we are now at a stage where we work highly agile. 

A few words from Daniel:

We keep the communication close. We make sprints, which is basically a week where we work on one flow and redesign it.

Working agile is better for the product and for the customers. Daniel points out that once the design is ready, they can go straight to publishing flows. But it is not without challenges.

It’s like Lego. If you already have the blocks done and ready, then it’s easy because you only need to assemble the blocks. But we don’t have the blocks yet, so we are creating the blocks and that’s the hardest part

But this is what Daniel likes about his job. He gets challenged and loves being involved in the creative process.