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Investor Relations

TDC strives to create and maintain an open dialogue with its investors and to provide investors with information relevant for making reasoned investment decisions about the company's debt securities. TDC's disclosure practices are designed to give all investors fair and equal access to this information.

Financial calender

Get an overview of the financial year for the TDC Group.


  • 13

    Interim Financial Statements January – June 2019


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    No Events


  • 08

    Start of closed period prior to Interim Financial Statements January – September 2019


  • 08

    Interim Financial Statements January – September 2019

Fact Graph


Year Value
2012 10136
2015 8176
2016 7251
2017 6920


Year Value
2012 3128
2015 2776
2016 1509
2017 1598

Latest reports

TDC provides the latest published information on a quarterly basis which includes quarterly reports, presentations and recorded web- & audio casts. Furthermore, credit reports from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch are available as well.

Latest Announcements

  • TDC: Interim Financial Report Q2 2019

  • DKT Holdings ApS: Interim Financial Report Q2 2019

  • TDC: Completed partial demerger

  • TDC: Interim Financial Report Q1 2019

TDC conference call

TDC's conference call takes place August 13 2019 at 2:30 PM CEST

Participants can sign up here

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