TDC Group changes its organisation in Denmark

TDC Group will establish two new business units in Denmark: One unit focusing on network and digital infrastructure called NetCo, and another unit focusing on digital services and customer experiences called OpCo. There will be no changes in Get and TDC Norway.

TDC Group’s new owners have set a clear strategic course for the company with the ambition of remaining market leader with the best infrastructure in Denmark and focus on the digital transformation journey which TDC has pursued in recent years. 

“In agreement with the new owners we intend to pursue investments in the Danish infrastructure and digitization. Hence, we are to take a large step forward by extending the fibre network, i.e. establishing 5G and thereby providing Denmark’s best mobile network for the future,” says CEO and President of TDC Group, Pernille Erenbjerg while adding:

“We are on track executing our new vision, and now time has come to make the necessary changes to the organization and set the management team that can best drive this work forward.

Establishing two new business units
In Denmark two new business units will be established as of 1st August: One customer experience focused unit called OpCo and one focused on network and infrastructure called NetCo. Both units will have reference to the Group CEO.

The customer focused unit which will drive innovation, Digital Services and the best customer experiences will be headed by Jaap Postma, who has been Senior Executive Vice President and head of YouSee to date. This unit will comprise YouSee, the digital unit Digital, TDC Business, Online Brands with Telmore, Fullrate and Blockbuster.

The network unit will focus on further improving the Danish infrastructure and will be headed by Andreas Pfisterer, who has been Senior Executive Vice President and head of Operations to date. This unit will comprise Net-work Wholesale, On-site technicians, Procurement & Logistics, Network, Dansk Kabel TV and IT Operations.

In Norway, TDC Group will continue to run the fully owned Get and TDC Norway as independent units with no changes.

In addition to the two new business units and the Norwegian activities, TDC Group will continue to have central resources to support the business units.

In the time to come the transformation will continue and with a view to strengthening the development and implementation of the new strategy, Group Strategy Officer, Lasse Pilgaard will as of 1st August have a seat in the Corporate Management Team of TDC Group as Senior Executive Vice President.  

“I very much look forward to welcoming Lasse in Corporate Management Team. His deep understanding of the business and strategic thinking is crucial for us to make the vision come true,” says Pernille Erenbjerg.

Changes in the Corporate Management Team 
As of 1st August, the CMT will comprise:

•           Pernille Erenbjerg, Group CEO and President
•           Jaap Postma, SEVP, OpCo
•           Andreas Pfisterer, SEVP, NetCo
•           Michael Moyell Juul, SEVP, TDC Business 
•           Stig Pastwa, Group CFO, Group Finance
•           Lasse Pilgaard, CSO, Group Strategy, Portfolio Mgmt. 
•           Jens Aaløse, CPO, Group People & Stakeholder Relations
•           Gunnar Evensen, SEVP, Get & TDC Norway

Marina Lønning, presently SEVP, TDC Business, has decided to retire from her post.

In that connection, President of TDC Group, Pernille Erenbjerg says:

“I would like to express my gratitude to Marina for her strong efforts in TDC Group and for the excellent cooperation we have had. Marina has paved the way for the future development of TDC Business,” says Pernille Erenbjerg while adding:

“Also, I would also like to express my appreciation and pleasure that Michael Moyell Juul has taken on the position as new head of TDC Business. Michael is just the profile to take TDC business to the next step.”

As far as the way ahead is concerned, Group CEO, Pernille Erenbjerg says:

“I am happy to announce our new organisation today and I am proud to present this very strong team leading TDC Group into the new phase. The team represents several of the leading powers behind the turnaround that we have implemented over the past three years and which has lead us to growth. Hence, it is the right team to continue focusing on making it better and simpler for TDC’s many customers while further enhancing investment in networking and digitization,” says Pernille Erenbjerg.

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This notification was made by Mads Julius Christensen, Treasury Analyst at TDC A/S. LEI 529900N96EOVRB114D28