Annual report

I am satisfied with the result, which testifies to the fact that our strategic initiatives and investments are contributing positively to the development of our business

Pernille Erenbjerg

Group CEO and President, TDC A/S

Annual Report 2017


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    Interim Financial Statements January – March 2018


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Social responsibility

Responsibility and sustainability form a natural part of our business. This stems from our historical heritage and our role in society as the leading technology and communications company in Denmark.


Sponsorship policy

Each year, TDC Group receives numerous requests and applications for sponsorships. In TDC Group we enter sponsorships as a part of our overall corporate marketing initiatives. Before you apply for a sponsorship, please familiarize yourself with TDC Group, our company and values.

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Bert Nordberg appointed Chairman of TDC A/S
Press Release

Bert Nordberg appointed Chairman of TDC A/S

COPENHAGEN, 18 JUNE 2018: TDC is pleased to announce the appointment of Bert Nordberg as Chairman of TDC A/S, commencing August 1st 2018.

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Appointment of new board of directors of TDC A/S
Press Release

Appointment of new board of directors of TDC A/S

Following the conclusion of the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) held today, TDC announces the election of a new board of directors, and TDC CEO Pernille Erenbjerg’s plan to step down following a transition process.

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TDC Group back on growth track
Press Release

TDC Group back on growth track

TDC Group’s earnings are back to growth, and the trend in the Danish business is the best since 2010. TDC Group’s financial statements for Q1 show the effects of a wide range of strategic and structural initiatives. These three months also saw the addition of 46,000 new mobile customers.

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