TDC Group considers the most important assignment to supply the best communications and entertainment solutions in Denmark. We deal with around nine million customer relations every day – and this demands a large staff of dedicated employees and skilled managers. That is why we are always on the look-out for talents, and every year we take on more than 400 managers and specialists. Does this sound like something for you?

Managers with a will to change
TDC Group managers have a crucial role to play in the Group’s business, because good management has the capacity to deliver the power to act that helps generate authentic value for our customers. Demands on our managers are high because our market and our company are in a constant state of development. As a manager, you have to be able to keep up.

In an enterprise as big as ours, you will have every opportunity to climb up the career ladder, no matter whether you may start as a project manager, a head of department or a senior executive. You can boost your profile with a host of career-promoting courses in the fields of both specific training and more general skills development. For example, we run courses in fundamental management and for the keenest talents we have a special ‘Corporate High Potentials’ programme, which is designed to shape senior executives.

A strong network

From your very first day with the TDC Group, you are part of a strong management team with the opportunity to build up an even stronger network through your daily partnership interfaces. We establish network groups on an ongoing basis for experienced leaders and project managers, for example. These networks provide insight into how other people handle specific management challenges, and give you the chance to become part of a dynamic network of managers committed to sharing best practices. Many of our managers also choose to work with a more experienced executive as a mentor. Your mentor functions as a personal sounding board, challenging you continuously to power your professional development forward in the long term.

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