Our culture

Everyone in the TDC Group works on the basis of four key values that permeate everything we do and say: We are attentive, inquisitive, committed and competent – both when we interact with our customers and partners, and internally in relation to each other.

‘Attentive’ is a key concept in our work culture. We place high emphasis on being attentive to our customers and to establishing an enjoyable and secure framework for our employees. We listen to each other and take a proactive and caring approach as and when the need arises.

Inquisitiveness is crucial, because it powers our innovation and our desire to outperform others. We maintain an open, accommodating organisation that prioritises diversity and allows room for individuality and inquisitiveness. We share knowledge and celebrate dreams and ambitions.

Commitment drives our spirit of collaboration and our will to win. We are dedicated, and genuinely desire to make a valuable difference for our customers, colleagues and Danish society in general.

The TDC Group has always been a pioneer and a front-runner, backed by the most robust communications and entertainment solutions in Denmark. We are skilled at what we do, and we understand how to transform complex technology into simple, rewarding customer experiences. However, we never rest on our laurels, and we know that we have to develop our skills on an ongoing basis. We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to think in terms of new solutions and more responsive customer service.


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