Our culture

Teamwork and development 
At TDC Group you will be part of a strong and dynamic team. We know from experience that happy employees make happy customers, and in our effort to be the best for our customers, you are our most important ambassador. Therefor it is important for us to invest in our employees, and set the framework for job satisfaction, professional and personal development. Only the strongest team brings people closer together, and only the most talented team makes the digital future a reality. 

High energy and freedom
We provide advanced solutions for a demanding, changeable and extremely competitive market. We are driven by making the complexity simple and by working hard to solve problems. The road to success is sometimes long and difficult, but it only makes the feeling of achieving one’s goal even better. At TDC Group you can’t help but get close to the customers and the important decisions. We work together and network across different fields to create the best solutions for our customers. All in all, you will be part of an inspiring and creative work environment. You are given challenges, responsibilities and freedom to create innovative solutions in a close interaction with your colleagues and customer. 

We value diversity
TDC Group is dedicated to promote an inclusive environment that values diversity, and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate our diversity, and we know that it is in fact our many differences that create the best ideas and solutions to our many different customers. At TDC Group you will become part of a culture that welcomes, values and provides equal opportunity to all people regardless of religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, disability and all other characteristics that make us all unique.  

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In 2019 we offer an ambitious 12-month TDC Group Graduate Programme.
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