TDC : Interim Financial Report Q1 2018

TDC : Interim Financial Report Q1 2018

TDC (TDC.CO, TDC DC), a leading communication and home entertainment company in Denmark and Norway, announces its interim financial report for the first quarter of 2018:

Pernille Erenbjerg, Group CEO, TDC A/S, says:

“Since the launch of our strategy two years ago, we have been working towards reversing the trend and creating growth in our business in 2018. The financial statements confirm that we are on track for the target this year. All the employees have put in a tremendous effort to achieve this, making TDC Group much stronger now than it was two years ago."

“I am very pleased with the development of our mobile business over the last two years. We have focused strongly on having the best mobile network in Denmark, and our customers appreciate that strategy.”


• Organic EBITDA growth of 1.1% for TDC Group and 2.7% in Denmark in Q1 2018 YoY – the best development since 2010

• Norway EBITDA down by 6.9% in Q1 2018 YoY, affected by one-offs in 2017, investments in customer-centric activities and IT digitalisation as well as increased content costs in 2017

• Organic operating expenses improvement of 5.4% YoY driven mainly by renegotiations of supplier contracts and FTE reductions from efficiency improvements in the field force and streamlining of the Danish B2B business

• EFCF decline of DKK 91m vs. Q1 2017 affected by different timing of net working capital and tax

• Organic gross profit increase of 9.5% in mobility services following higher ARPU in Consumer and stabilised ARPU in Business over the past three quarters, as well as a growing customer base (46k in Q1 2018)

• Merger of Plenti and Telmore successfully completed, facilitating the transfer of 81k customers and 88 employees to Telmore

• Improvement in customer touchpoint KPIs in Q1 compared with Q4 2017, driven by improvements across business lines

• New business line ‘Digital’ implemented in TDC Group with ~10001 employees and an opex and capex budget of more than DKK 1bn to improve the customer experience and drive simplifications

• Successful launch of new flexible YouSee TV offering resulted in customers preferring larger packages

• Our new converged offering ‘YouSee More’, supporting a focus on household offerings, is currently onboarding ~1000 customers per day and has reached ~100k customers

• DK Telekommunikation APS now holds acceptances for shares representing more than 90% of the share capital and voting rights in TDC Group

• 2018 guidance reaffirmed on all parameters (exclusive of impact from takeover); organic EBITDA development: =0%; EFCF: DKK =2.4bn; DPS: DKK 1.15 to be paid out in Q1 2019

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