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TDC's primary funding sources are unsecured Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) complemented by committed syndicated and/or bilateral credit facilities.

Currently TDC has access to two committed bilateral credit facilities and a committed syndicated credit facility which covers working capital fluctuations and acts as stand-by facilities. Furthermore, TDC has issued EUR 2.1bn EMTN, GBP 0.55bn EMTN and EUR 0.75bn Hybrid bonds and in addition loans with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and KfW.

Credit ratings

TDC is rated by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch and aims at maintaining an investment grade credit rating.

TDC A/S Standard & Poor's Moody's Fitch
Corporate Rating BBB- / Stable Outlook Baa3 / Stable Outlook BBB- / Stable Outlook
Senior Unsecured Debt BBB- Baa3 BBB-
Short Term Debt A-3 na F3

TDC’s EUR 5.5bn EMTN programme is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. 

Credit reports

Bonds issued

The EMTN maturity profile is well diversified and ensures a manageable future refinancing process.

Euro Medium Term Notes
Maturity Coupon Nom. Outstanding Amount (mio.) Issue Date ISIN pdf
23-02-18 4.3750% EUR 600 23-02-11 XS0593960304 show pdf 
02-03-22 3.7500% EUR 500 02-03-12 XS0752467497 show pdf 
23-02-23 5.6250% GBP 425 23-02-11 XS0593952111 show pdf 
27-02-27 1.7500% EUR 800 27-02-15 XS1196041419 show pdf 
Hybrid Bonds
First Par Call Date Coupon Nom. Outstanding Amount (mio.) Issue Date ISIN pdf
26-02-21 3.5000% EUR 750 26-02-15 XS1195581159 show pdf

TDC’s latest EMTN base prospectus – here

TDC's latest Hybrid prospectus – here

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