DKT Finance ApS

DKT Finance ApS (a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Denmark with corporate (CVR) number 39 18 70 43) is an indirect parent company of TDC A/S.

DKT Finance ApS is the issuer of EUR 1.4bn (equivalent) senior notes (the "Notes"). The Notes were issued on 2 July 2018 in connection with the acquisition of TDC A/S and its subsidiaries by DK Telekommunikation ApS, a direct subsidiary of DKT Finance ApS. The Notes are guaranteed by DKT Holdings ApS, a direct parent company of DKT Finance ApS.

The Notes are listed on the Official List of The International Stock Exchange.

DKT Finance ApS is indirectly owned by a consortium consisting of PFA Pension Forsikringsaktieselskab, PKA A/S, acting on behalf of PKA Pension Funds, Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension and DKTUK Limited an entity managed by Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets (Europe) Limited.

On this investor relations webpage can be found announcements of certain material events and periodic financial reporting for DKT Holdings ApS and its subsidiaries.


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Financial reports

TDC provides the latest published information on a quarterly basis which includes quarterly reports, presentations and recorded web- & audio casts. Furthermore, credit reports from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch are available as well.

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Financial reports

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Title Link to webcast Date
TDC Q4 2019  Webcast 10. feb 2020
TDC Q3 2019  Webcast 14. nov 2019
TDC Q2 2019  Webcast 13. aug 2019
TDC Q1 2019  Webcast 16. may 2019
Annual report 2018   Webcast 21. feb 2019
TDC Q3 2018   Webcast 14. nov 2018 
TDC Q2 2018   Webcast 19. sep 2018 
TDC Q3 2017   Webcast 31. oct 2017 
TDC Q2 2017   Webcast 10. aug 2017 
TDC Q1 2017 Webcast 5. may 2017
TDC Q4 2016 Webcast 3. feb 2017
TDC Q3 2016  Webcast 2. nov 2016
TDC Q2 2016 Webcast 10. aug 2016
TDC Q1 2016 Webcast 4. may 2016
TDC Q4 2015 Webcast 5. feb 2016
TDC Capital Market Day Webcast 27. jan 2016
TDC Q3 2015
Webcast 3. nov 2015
TDC Q2 2015 Webcast 7. aug 2015


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