The summary below describes the regulatory framework in the telecommunications industry in the EU, and Denmark in particular. It is intended to provide a general outline of the most relevant telecom regulations applicable to TDC’s operations in Denmark and is not intended to be a comprehensive description of such regulations.

European Union

Regulatory framework
The European regulatory framework requires EU Member States to impose certain obligations on providers designated as having Significant Market Power. These obligations are intended to be proportionate to the market failure found in a market where one participant, or more, has Significant Market Power. The regulatory framework is supplemented by the 'Significant Market Power Recommendation' from the EU Commission on relevant product and service markets. The Recommendation defines seven specific markets and concerns the identification of product and service markets in which regulatory obligations can be imposed on providers designated as having Significant Market Power

International roaming
EU mobile providers have to comply with a number of obligations stated in the EU Roaming Regulation, such as maximum charges relating to wholesale and retail prices for voice, SMS and data. The EU Roaming Regulation has continuously reduced the level of the roaming charges.

Denmark has fully implemented the European regulatory Framework. The Danish regulation regarding operation of electronic communications networks and provision of electronic communications services is extensive. The Danish Tele Act is the main legal act in the Danish regulatory framework and contains the overall regulation regarding end-user aspects, universal services obligations, numbering aspects and interconnection.

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