Capacity has an impact on how many people can watch videos, listen to music and make calls simultaneously. With Denmark's best 4G mobile network, we have the greatest capacity, meaning many people can be on the mobile network at the same time, without having to compromise on the quality.

Not only does TDC Group focus on providing large capacity for major events, such as the annual music festival Roskilde Festival, and Folkemødet (a political event/festival) on Bornholm, where large crowds of people use the network at the same time and expect an experience with no delays. TDC Group also focuses on maintaining a stable and strong capacity everywhere.

Every year the data traffic more than doubles and places major demands on our mobile network and systems. If we do not upgrade the network, it is comparable to the traffic on the motorway becoming dense, leading to queues. In the same fashion, our data flow becomes slower, video films stutter or their image quality becomes poorer.

This is why everything is monitored and upgraded at TDC Group on an ongoing basis – to ensure the greatest capacity and best customer experience.

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Some facts about capacity

In Denmark, the telephone operators use 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies to transmit and receive their signals.

800 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies provide deeper indoor coverage and a large geographical spread. 1800 MHz to 2600 MHz frequencies provide capacity, so that many people can use the network at the same time.  This is why TDC Group has ensured that all of the major Danish towns and recreational areas are covered with 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz to ensure capacity.

How does this benefit me?

At TDC Group, we obviously endeavour to ensure that there is always enough capacity to meet our customers’ requirements, so that they experience a mobile network connection that is stable and fast. This requires good capacity, especially when a lot of people are using the network at the same time. Therefore, capacity can be difficult to maintain when large groups of people congregate in a single location, and their experience might not be what they have come to expect. TDC Group ensures that there is enough capacity present by setting up temporary masts, increasing capacity of the existing system and much else, so that the risk of insufficient capacity is always kept to a minimum.

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