A good mobile network must work where you are. TDC Group’ s mobile network provides the best coverage because we have the best 4G mobile network in Denmark, with the best range and the most uniform coverage across the country.

We have a long-term approach focusing on those locations where people gather the most. We provide optimal coverage in places where there are homes, businesses, motorways, railways and in recreational areas, including at sea. The shorter the distance to the nearest mast, the better the coverage. In recent years, TDC Group has made major investments in our mobile network, and in the past two years, we have installed more than 200 mobile network masts.

But it is not just our efforts that determines how the coverage will work where you are. Since communication between our masts and your device is carried out using radio waves, anything that can interfere with the reception of a radio signal can also degrade the quality of the mobile signal. In other words, well-insulated buildings, sun-screened windows and seasonal factors, e.g. snowfall can attenuate the signal.

Many people will also sometimes experience patchy mobile coverage when traveling in a car or on a train because of high speed or because of the design of the train.

Even so, we constantly work on providing the best 4G mobile network with the highest speed in most places across the country, so you can always talk, search and stream at the highest speed without any interruptions.

Get Denmark’s best 4G mobile network


Some facts about coverage

Coverage is measured on the basis of geography or demography. At TDC Group, we calculate our coverage based on population density rather than geography. This means that even though we have 4G coverage of 99.5 %, there will be areas in the countryside where our coverage does not reach. Despite this, there is full 4G coverage in those areas where people live, work and congregate.

In Denmark, the telephone operators use 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies to transmit and receive their signals.
800 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies provide deeper indoor coverage and a large geographical spread. 1800 MHz to 2600 MHz frequencies provide capacity, so that many people can use the network at the same time.

For 3G (and for 2G), we provide national coverage using 900 MHz, which extends further than 1800 and 2100 Mhz. This means, that with 3G you get coverage including outer areas, where there are only few or no masts.
In addition, all of the major towns and cities and recreational areas are also covered by 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies, to ensure capacity.

How does this benefit me?

Nothing is more irritating than if your mobile signal suddenly disappears in the middle of an important conversation, or while you are downloading, streaming, searching or doing something else on the internet. This is why we constantly endeavour to ensure that there is good coverage.

On our mobile network, you get 4G+, which is a further development of 4G and the front-runner for 5G. 4G+ can use different frequencies at the same time, so as to better utilise capacity and thus provide you with better coverage. The frequencies are the bands by which the mobile signals are carried, and the lower the frequency, the longer the range, and the better ability to penetrate buildings and to provide coverage indoors.

The choice of telephone, tablet or other device also has a great deal of influence on how the network, and the coverage is experienced by the user. This is why sometimes if you experience problems, it may be relevant to try another type of telephone, to see if what you are experiencing is a general issue or related to a specific type of telephone.

TDC Group coverage map

The map shows what the calculated coverage is like in your area. We strive to make as accurate a calculation of coverage as possible, but the speed depends on the number of users on the mast, the distance to the mast and the surroundings. If there are multiple users on the net, they share the capacity.

See what speed you can expect in your area on the coverage map in the link below.

Test your mobile network with TDC NetPerform

TDC NetPerform is an app that makes it easy for you to measure how good your coverage and network connection is where you are. The app also sends the coverage and speed information to TDC Group, to help us to constantly improve our mobile network and services.