Speed affects how fast your internet is, when you use the mobile network. We provide the fastest 4G mobile network in most places in the country, so you can always talk, search and stream at the highest speed, without any interruptions.

The number of available frequencies available for communication, also know as the spectrum, defines how wide the digital motorway can be, and thus how many people can use that digital motorway at the same time. The speed at which data can be transferred over the mobile network is determined by how much spectrum is available, how far away you are from a transmission mast, how many people are using the mast, and by buildings and the surrounding environment.

In Denmark, the telephone operators use 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies to transmit and receive their signals.

800 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies provide deeper indoor coverage and a large geographical spread. 1800 MHz to 2600 MHz frequencies provide capacity, so that many people can use the network at the same time.

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Some facts about speed

Compared to other companies the TDC Group network is at an advantage, because back in 2012, we ensured that we have 20 MHz bandwidth in the long-range 800 MHz band.
Specifically, this means that 20 MHz frequencies provide a theoretical speed of 150 Mbps and the frequencies in the 800 MHz band ensure an extra-long range. This is the bandwidth that we use for our national 4G coverage, and it is crucial for ensuring that we can provide coverage to 99 % of Denmark’s population with 4G outdoor service.

4G, 4G+ and 5G
If addition, we also have 4G on 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies, which we use to ensure that we have extra capacity in the areas where it is necessary, and which makes 4G+ possible.
4G+ is a further development of 4G and the front-runner for 5G, where different frequencies can be used at the same time. The frequencies are the bands by which the mobile signals are carried, and the lower the frequency, the longer the range, and the better ability to penetrate buildings and to provide coverage indoors.
The maximum theoretical speed provided by 4G+ is greater than 400 Mbps. TDC Group is the only operator in Denmark that has this kind of speed on the network.

Speeds of up to 413 Mbps on 4G downloads are currently achievable on the TDC Group network, though normally it is a continuous 17–71 Mbps. For 3G, it is 1-12 Mbps and for 2G it is 0.1 Mbps.

How does this benefit me?

We provide the best 4G mobile network with the highest speed most places in the country, so you can always talk, search and stream at the highest speed, without any interruptions.

With 4G, even with a relatively weak signal, the speed is still fast enough for streaming.
You can be happy knowing that you have the fastest network and the best coverage. Our customers have on average 4G coverage 82 % of the time with average download speeds of 31 Mbps.

Test your mobile network with TDC NetPerform

TDC NetPerform is an app that makes it easy for you to measure how good your coverage and network connection is where you are. The app also sends the coverage and speed information to TDC Group, to help us to constantly improve our mobile network and services.