At TDC Group, we monitor the mobile network around the clock, seven days a week, all year round. We work constantly, checking and testing our network and carrying out precisely planned changes and upgrades, so that we avoid breakdowns and ensure that you always have the best connection.

If there is new equipment, new technology or systems, which shall be put into operation, they are fully tested before operation, both technically and procedurally.

In the case of events, such as music festivals, markets and popular running events where a lot of people gather in one location, we check beforehand to see if we need to set up temporary masts and extra capacity in the network or whether the existing masts shall be optimised to ensure stability.

We have alarms, which show when we are about to reach the maximum capacity threshold, so that any potential service breakdown is dealt with before it happens, and stability is ensured.

We make every effort to inform people about when we are making changes and always keep our customers updated if there are any network problems.

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Some facts about stability

Central nodes
The mobile network consists of masts and core nodes, which are the brains of the network. Two or several nodes operate in parallel, so that they support each other. The same applies to backup generators. Backup is executed automatically and is not noticeable to a user.

Central connections in the mobile network. The traffic can move in several directions, from sender to recipient. If there is a disruption or a connection breaks down, alternative connections are found. Therefore, there is always extra capacity in the nodes, so that they can deal with the extra traffic from other nodes that have failed.

What does it mean for you?

At TDC Group, we do everything we can to avoid network problems and breakdowns. If something must be changed, we carry out the change at a time when it causes the least inconvenience.

TDC Group constantly adjusts the network
There are constant minor changes, new urban divisions established, buildings change their height, leases for sites for masts can be terminated, etc. In addition, the total number of users in an area who are using the network at the same time can vary a great deal. This means that people’s experience of the coverage can differ over time in the same location.
TDC Group works around the clock to ensure that you have a constantly stable and fast connection – even when the world around you changes.

You can be certain that we will keep you informed of any urgent operational fault that has occurred with TDC Group’s products or services.

Operation and coverage

If you have problems trying to get online or your connection’s speed suddenly drops, you can try the following:

  1. Restart your mobile, router or computer.
  2. Check to see whether there are problems with the network or there are fault notifications for your area.
  3. Remember that speed depends on the number of people using the mast, the distance to the mast and the surroundings.
  4. To find out if there are known network problems that can affect your products or whether there are any fault notifications issued for the address that you are located at, go to.