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TDC Group gives mobile network a giga boost

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The volume of data traffic in the mobile network is doubling almost every year. Danes are data-hungry and they will demand even higher speeds in the future. The TDC Group is therefore working hard to stay abreast of developments, and we are continuously introducing the latest technology for the benefit of our customers.

Most recently, the TDC Group has future-proofed speed and capacity in the mobile network with the launch of 1 Gbit/s via the mobile network. The TDC Group is thus kicking the door open to tomorrow’s ultra-fast mobile networks, called 5G, and is preparing the ground for virtual reality and 360°-realtime video for Danes.

The TDC Group has broken the 1 Gbit/s barrier in the living laboratory at Copenhagen Central Station, where the telecom company together with a number of other players has opened the door to the future. During 2017, this zone will be extended to the areas around the Tivoli amusement park and other central locations in central Copenhagen. In June 2016, the TDC Group tested the technology for the first time. Now, the TDC Group has succeeded in using the technology in the mobile network, and demonstrated that it can be used by customers.

- We offer Denmark’s best mobile network by far, and now we are making it even better. The TDC Group is taking a bold step towards the next generation of mobile broadband technologies – 5G – by demonstrating data speeds in excess of 1 Gbit/s in the mobile network, says Peter Trier Schleidt, Senior Executive Vice President and COO in TDC Group.

The speed at and above 1 Gbit/s is obtained by using multiple frequency bands, by using radio signals in a new and efficient way, and by using several antenna simultaneously. The technology is still in its infancy, and the measurements have therefore been conducted with a special mobile test device. The TDC Group is expecting producers of smartphones, tablets and other devices to start marketing devices that can handle these speeds in the course of 2017.

- We are paving the way for the mobile network of the future. The speed is double what even the very newest and most modern smartphones and tablets can handle today. We are promising Danes the best possible connections – and with mobile network speeds in excess of 1 Gbit/s, we are continuing to expand Denmark’s best mobile network for the benefit of our customers, explains Peter Trier Schleidt.

The TDC Group is the only operator to already offer the lightning-fast 4G network to 99 per cent of the Danish population. This has been achieved in close cooperation with the global technology company Huawei.