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TDC Group acquires Plenti

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TDC Group acquires Plenti, a local MVNO based B2C provider with 90,000 subscribers.

Going forward Plenti will be part of TDC Group now the two parties have agreed on the acquisition price.

The agreement means that TDC Group will take over the company assets and its 90,000 mobile subscribers as of this date. The purchase price for 100 pct. of the shares in Plenti amounts to DKK 74 mio.

- We are pleased that we have reached an agreement with Plenti. Plenti is a solid company with a highly qualified team. The company has within a very short period managed to obtain a considerable subscriber base. The acquisition is attractive when viewed from both a financial and strategic angle, says Senior Executive Vice President Michael Moyell Juul from TDC Group.

The ownership change will not make any difference for the subscribers who will all continue their existing subscriptions.

- The present Plenti subscribers have a considerable entertainment consumption and that particular customer experience will be even better once the subscribers get access to TDC’s mobile network which is the best in Denmark. TDC is the largest content provider in Denmark. Hence it is only natural that we at the same time investigate whether we can further strengthen Plenti’s products with attractive content, says Peter Mægbæk, Managing Director in Plenti.

Today Plenti buys access to the network of the mobile provider 3. TDC Group will now enter into dialogue withthe operator with a view to transferring the existing subscribers on to TDC Group’s mobile network as soon as possible.

- Our primary focus right now is in cooperation with Plenti’s qualified employees to make sure that all subscribers experience a smooth transfer to TDC Group’s mobile net. Hence, that is the phase we start planning right away, says Michael Moyell Juul.

Plenti has 90 employees in its office in Copenhagen NV and all employees will continue on unchanged conditions.

The acquisition does not require approval by the Competition Authority and hence has effect as of this day.

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