Sustainability Highlights
For almost 140 years, TDC has been connecting Danes with each other and the world and enabling growth and development in Denmark by providing reliable, critical infrastructure and digital services. 
As an industry-leading network and service provider, we help all Danes to benefit from digitalisation and we take responsibility for running TDC in a sustainable manner. 

Responsibility and sustainability form a natural part of our business. This stems from our historical heritage and our role in society as a leading technology and communications company.

Our approach
Our sustainability activities are proactive, inclusive, and materiality led. Dealing with our most significant and material issues first allows us to focus our attention and resources on issues that are important to our stakeholders and where we are certain we can make a great impact. Integrating stakeholder insights and feedback, as well as using knowledge of our impacts to prioritise our issue areas, helps us remain aware of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and be better placed to address them. To read more about our materiality assessment, please see Our approach.

Focus areas

Digital Denmark

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Environmental Impact

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How we do business

We strive to ensure a healthy and diverse workplace with opportunities for everyone.

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Our approach

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Sustainability Highlights

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Each year, TDC Group receives numerous requests and applications for sponsorships. In TDC Group we enter sponsorships as a part of our overall corporate marketing initiatives. Before you apply for a sponsorship, please familiarize yourself with TDC Group, our company and values.

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