Customer trust & safety

Attentiveness and trust

When it comes to ensuring our customers’ confidence and security, dialogue is one of our most important tools. That is why we work conscientiously on being attentive and taking our customers’ needs and expectations as our starting point. We do so through our shops, in connection with technician visits and through customer services calls, newsletters and via social media, where we invite customers and the general public to give us direct feedback on an ongoing basis.

Focus on security

It is essential that the security of our products is always top-class, and we take our responsibility for customers’ security extremely seriously. For example, we apply a comprehensive security policy based on the international ISO 27001 standard, which encompasses protection of customers’ private life, data and personal information.

Requirements on suppliers

When customers purchase products from the TDC Group, they can be sure that responsibility – with regard to human rights and the environment, for example – has been emphasized in every link of the value chain. We make high demands on our suppliers, who are likewise required to apply them to their subcontractors. These demands take as their starting point the UN Global Compact, which we have participated in since 2009.



We respect your right to privacy.

TDC Group is a major player in the digital economy, and protecting both our customers’ and our employees’ personal data is extremely important to us. We have been processing data for more than 135 years, and we were among the first companies in Denmark to implement a policy in this area. TDC Group wants to continue to be a trustworthy and transparent company that sets a good example for others.

Privacy policies

When you use TDC Group’s products and services, you entrust us with personal data. In our Privacy policies, you can find out more about the types of data we collect, why we collect it and how we use it. We take good care of your personal data, and we hope you will take the time to read about our privacy policies and principles. Each brand within the TDC Group has its own Privacy policy. Click on the logos below to read the ones that are relevant to you. The Privacy policies are in Danish.

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