Digital Denmark

Stronger digital infrastructure

As our society becomes increasingly digitalised, and access to telephone and data connections anywhere and anytime has become a fundamental expectation, more is demanded of the digital infrastructure required to keep us all connected.

Access to mobile telephony and broadband is also promoting productivity in society by making daily life more convenient and opening up for new opportunities. We are therefore investing ambitiously in order to further enhance and extend our digital infrastructure, allowing us to provide access to cutting-edge technologies and services.

Digital citizenship and future skills

As the leading supplier of digital connections, we find it natural to take co-responsibility for ensuring that as individuals and as a society we have the skills required for a digital age. This relates to technical, creative and social skills that are crucial for developing as individuals and treating others with respect in a digital universe. This applies especially to new generations for whom the digital world is a reality almost from birth. It is a huge task – but also one that, as a company, we wish to take on.

Telemedicine and welfare technology

We are committed to developing and promoting telemedicine and welfare technology solutions, and we see a bright future for using technology to provide smarter welfare services within healthcare and related areas to potentially improve citizens’ quality of life, while making everyday life easier for carers and reducing wasted time, the need for transportation, and healthcare costs.

Smart Cities

The information and communications technology (ICT) at the core of TDC Group's business represents huge potential for achieving rewards for society as a whole, e.g. within the environment and climate. This can involve machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, in other words telecommunication between machines.

This is also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) and allows for monitoring processes in real time or measuring on machines that are difficult to access in order to increase production efficiency and reduce consumption of natural resources. At TDC Group, we are currently developing and implementing solutions based on these technologies for the “Smart Cities” of the future, in collaboration with a number of Danish municipalities.

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