Digital Denmark

People have always needed to communicate, and as a company, we play a very special role in facilitating communication and ensuring connections between people.

We create a cohesive force in society and reduce distances in an age where proximity can no longer be measured only in metres. We therefore believe our mission is to bring people together and reinforce togetherness. We achieve this through partnerships and other initiatives that gather people together in various ways to strengthen togetherness and community spirit across society.

Our efforts include our longstanding support for the Child Helpline, Denmark’s Collection and Enigma – Denmark's Museum of Communication. Furthermore, TDC Group is a participant and network partner for the Youth Festival held in Søndermarken close to Copenhagen. The Youth Festival aims to stimulate participation, dialogue and fellowship among young people, so that as future citizens they can help solve problems faced today.

In our view, it is essential that young people are involved and invited to contribute relevant knowledge and concrete suggestions for solving the societal challenges we are currently facing.

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