Digital Denmark

As the leading provider and operator of nationwide digital infrastructure and provider of digital entertainment- and communications solutions we are committed to enable and support a digital Denmark, hereunder digital skills and citizenship for all. We strive to ensure that everyone should benefit from new digital opportunities and have positive experiences online.  


TDC NET has committed to providing national 5G coverage by the end of 2020, and to connecting 1 million households to fiber. When we invest in our network, we invest in the digital future of Denmark. Nuuday is dedicated to make sense with technology and to provide our customers with the best entertainment and digital solutions that all customers can benefit from. 

As we support digitalization of society we want to take co-responsibility in ensuring that future generations have the skills required for a digital age. This relates to technical, creative and social skills that are crucial for developing as individuals and treating others with respect online. 


We run strategic programmes together with our long-term partners Danske Skoleelever and We run strategic programmes together with our long-term partners Danske Skoleelever and Børns Vilkår. TDC is also a founding member of the "Digital Dogme" initiative for upgrading employees' digital skills and sharing knowledge among companies across industries and sectors.

Collaboration with Børns vilkår

Supporting Parents in a Digital World

Digital and social media are now a natural part of many children's lives. The children of today do not necessarily distinguish real life from digital experiences and therefore naturally need the same guidance online as they do in real life. 

collaboration with danske skoleelever

Expanding WiFive

Courses for teachers, new teaching materials for younger students in primary school, and more digital dilemmas. In 2019, WiFive, the good digital community, expanded significantly.

Digital inclusion

Our IT Handbook

We insist that digitalisation is for everyone and we recognise that some need a little more help to discover the benefits of digital solutions. Therefore, TDC has produced an IT handbook that is distributed free at YouSee shops and by TDC NET technicians and is also available online on our corporate website. The handbook contains advice on how to make the most of the possibilities that digitalisation has to offer. 

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