Expanding WiFive

New initiatives were launched, marking the completion of the WiFive educational materials for students in 4th to 6th grades. We celebrated this milestone with a true WiFive party at Østre Skole in Middelfart in March 2019. Many thanks to the ten first flagship classes across the country for their dedicated help and engagement in making the best teaching materials possible.
At TDC, we are proud that the WiFive materials have now reached every third school in the country, and that almost 1/5 of all students in 4th to 6th grades in Denmark (19.4%) have tested their digital skills with the WiFive materials. The purpose of WiFive is clear: TDC takes co-responsibility for supporting positive and constructive digital communities among children.
We are convinced that the key is to let students themselves - and not adults - provide content for the digital framework and define the rules of good digital behaviour based on the four themes: digital citizenship, understanding technology, positive digital behaviour and safety online.
In close collaboration with our partner at WiFive Danske Skoleelever and 15 new flagship classes, we have also worked on WiFive 2.0 by updating teaching materials to target pupils from 2nd and 3rd grades.
The age at which children receive their first mobile phones is falling, and a new digital reality is evolving; with both opportunities and challenges. As younger children are entering the digital universe, our ambitions are growing: By 2021, the goal is that 55,000 students will have benefited from WiFive. Therefore, in 2019, we also expanded by running the first WiFive workshops offered to teachers. Here, together with digital experts, we advised on how to support pupils their digital lives and adjusting their behaviour in the digital communities if necessary. So far, 263 teachers have participated in these courses.
With the positive feedback we have received from the first ten flagship classes in the middle tier, we are well on our way to making a difference for a new digital generation.