Well-being & diversity

Well-being at the workplace

The TDC Group operates in highly competitive markets and is in a constant state of change. This makes high demands on our employees and their capacity to adapt. As an employer, we recognise our responsibility to ensure that our employees thrive in spite of the fast pace. This applies both in everyday work situations and in the ongoing skills development programmes that support employee well-being and development in the long term.

We therefore measure and follow up regularly on well-being, and we enjoy a well-established cooperative relationship with our employees' professional associations and unions, and maintain an extensive working environment system including certification in accordance with the international OHSAS-18001 standard. This provides us with a systematic approach to preventing work-related accidents, procedures to improve our working environment, regular working environment inspections and focus on subjects including work-life balance. At the same time, our emphasis on well-being is included as a key aspect of our leadership training programmes.


We strive to be a diverse workplace with opportunities for all kinds of employees. For many years, diversity has been on our agenda, because we need skilled employees – regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical capacity. We also wish to reflect the diversity of the society around us, because as a company, we interact with customers of all kinds. By 2025 we will do our best to achieve an equal gender balance at all management levels under the Executive Board. 

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