Environmental Impact

Minimising our environmental impact

Today, sustainability is a natural part of good business strategy. Companies need to find the right balance between creating value as a business and creating value for society. As one of Denmark's largest companies, it was obvious to us that we needed to play an active part in helping Denmark become CO2 neutral.  While, TDC has already done a lot to reduce our energy consumption and climate footprint, we recognised the need to do even more. That is why we have made this commitment to be 100% CO2 neutral by 2030. This applies to our entire business from operations and data centres to technicians transport. On top of this, we have a medium term target to be 50% CO2 neutral in 2025.
We work conscientiously to minimise our environmental impact. We do so, for example, by optimising energy consumption in our networks, and adapting our systems to customers’ actual demand on an ongoing basis. We also use surplus heat from our server rooms to heat our buildings.

Generally speaking, the equipment we use is at the top end of international environmental requirements, and we work specifically to minimise power consumption attributable to our equipment and services at customers’ premises.

We also work to limit the need for employee travel through the use of video conferencing and home workstations. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, such solutions make it possible to use time more efficiently and to improve employee satisfaction as they help minimise days of travel where employees are away from their families and friends.

Technology contributes to a greener society

Digital services contain considerable potential in the context of environmental and climate improvements. Examples in this area include automated communication between machines and equipment – also known as ‘The internet of things’. Over the coming years, our lightning-fast and stable internet connections will be paving the way for controlling and remotely operating all kinds of machines and processes in real time. This will improve efficiency in society, which will also help save natural resources.

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