Environmental Impact

At TDC we want to play an active part in supporting Denmark in achieving our national ambition to obtain CO2 neutrality in 2050. Therefore we have set the target to be 100% CO2 neutral by 2028. A commitment that drives all our activities across business units to reduce our climate footprint. We maintain a systematic framework of impact assessment, gap analysis, initiative planning and active management, all guided by our materiality matrix and based on the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System framework.  

We take an inward-out approach to managing our impacts. First, we look at our operations and how we can reduce impacts across all environmental KPIs, including initiatives on energy, carbon emissions, resource use, waste, and electronic waste (WEEE). Next, we consider how to reduce the impact of our products and services and our employee activities on behalf of TDC, e.g. through remote collaboration. Finally, we seek to increase the knowledge of sustainable behaviours and research through involvement with international organisations and advocacy at national, regional and international fora. Our commitments and activities are underpinned by our Sustainability Policy.

Technology contributes to a greener society
The ICT industry is a key enabler of sustainable economic growth due to its role in connecting people and communities globally; through digitalisation and through improved connectivity offering new sustainable solutions. Digital services contain considerable potential in the context of environmental and climate improvements. Examples in this area include automated communication between machines and equipment; also known as ‘The internet of things’ (IoT). In coming years, our lightning-fast and stable internet connections will be paving the way for controlling and remotely operating all kinds of machines and processes in real time. This will improve efficiency in society, which will also help save natural resources. 

Environmental performance

Our 2019 Performance

At the end of 2019, it is with great pride that we can look back over our green achievements during the year. 

the business ambition for 1.5°C Pledge

CO2 neutral in 2028

We want to aim high on behalf of our industry and in August 2019 announced our new ambition to become 100% CO2 neutral in 2028 and to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% in 2023.

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