How we do business

We recognise that as part of society, we play an important role in operating responsibly, and as such, we are committed to taking a proactive approach. We comply with relevant laws and regulations but aspire to higher standards. It is critical that our partners, employees and customers trust us and feel secure when using our products and services. We actively engage with all our stake-holders to identify material issues and strategic priorities, and we are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. 


Our approach to data security, privacy, and ethics is outlined in our various policies. Each brand within TDC has its own privacy policy. We also systematically manage risk and security, with regular assessments made both by in-house and external parties’ continuous investment, and clear   management focus on the topics, we have also developed a position on data ethics


A critical pillar of TDC’s commercial strategy is the Talent Agenda, which encompasses employee attraction and retention. A huge effort is made to increase employee wellbeing while ensuring satisfaction and motivation levels are high. By maintaining diverse and inclusive workplaces that provide education, training, mobility opportunities, and through close collaboration with professional associations and unions, TDC consistently satisfies the agenda’s goals for employees. 


As a leader in our sector, we are also proud to contribute to the Danish economy both directly and indirectly through our employees. We are committed to paying taxes in accordance with laws and regulations wherever we do business, and we have published our tax principles publicly to demonstrate our commitment to transparency.

compliance & transparency

Responsible procurement & sustainable supply chain

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2009, we take our commitment to acting responsibly in line with these principles very seriously. Our Partner Code of Conduct outlines our requirements for TDC employees as well as our suppliers in relation to human rights, labour conditions, the environment, anti-corruption, health and safety, data protection and security. 

TDC is ranked among the top 6% of evaluated suppliers our ESG performance by EcoVadis. 

We keep your data close at heart

Our new data ethics policy

We comply with both Danish and EU rules for privacy and data protection, however we believe that these rules constitute a minimum and necessary, but not sufficient basis) for our work with data ethics. In 2019, we launched our first ever Data Ethics Policy. The policy outlines the 10 ‘rules’ for handling personal data. 
Employee engagement

TDC's Sustainability Ambassadors

The active involvement of our employees across the whole of TDC is vital for the success of our sustainability activities – they anchor many of our sustainability initiatives and play active roles in many of our campaigns and collaborative fora. 

Our employees

Diversity & Inclusion for a stronger business

We strive to be a diverse workplace with opportunities for all kinds of employees.

Integrity and transparency

Anti-corruption and gifts

The TDC Group is a firm supporter of free and equal competition on open and transparent terms. For this reason, we refuse to accept corruption in any shape or form.

ESG information for investors

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance Information

TDC invests in Denmark’s digital future by rolling out digital infrastructure nationwide and providing best-in-class products and services. We are the ninth-largest private-sector employer in Denmark, and therefore have many impacts on society: financial, operational, and on the environment. 
We have participated in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment and are proud to share that in 2019 we were awarded gold-level recognition by EcoVadis, which ranked our ESG performance among the top 5% of evaluated suppliers. 
Please see our GRI index for where to find detailed information on the different ESG issues within our business.

Responsible Disclosure

Just as important as discovering security flaws is reporting the findings so that users can protect themselves and vendors can repair their products. 
we respect your right to privacy

Privacy at TDC 

TDC Group is a major player in the digital economy. When you use TDC Group’s products and services, you entrust us with personal data. As a result, protecting both our customers’ and our employees’ personal data is extremely important to us.

In our Privacy notice, you can find out more about the types of data we collect, why we collect it and how we use it. Each brand within the TDC Group has its own Privacy notice. Click on the brand below to find their Privacy notice.

Brands in TDC Group

Contact our Data Protection Officer

If you have questions regarding TDC Group’s processing of personal data, you are always welcome to contact our Data Protection Officer:

Contact our Sustainability department

If you have any questions about our sustainability work, you are always welcome to contact our Sustainability department.