Our Approach

Responsibility and sustainability form a natural part of our business. This stems from our historical heritage and our role in society as a leading technology and communications company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At TDC Group, we view social responsibility as an integral part of our business. Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) therefore begins in our business areas and reflects our ambition to actively use our core competencies to operate and develop TDC Group in a way that promotes sustainability and contributes positively to society’s development.

At the same time, our strategic focus on CSR helps us generate commercial value. Not only by reinforcing the company’s reputation, but also by reducing costs, encouraging innovation and improving our understanding of what our stakeholders expect.

Purpose-driven Sustainability

At TDC Group, we believe that Sustainability initiatives should clearly reflect and match who we are, our activities and aspirations, our customers, employees and business partners. And address our most material issues. 

Therefore, with our Sustainability strategy, we have defined three focus areas which are strategically linked to our core business and were chosen based on a materiliaty assessment performed in dialogue with customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders as issues.

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Focus areas

Integrity and transparency

Anti-corruption and gifts

The TDC Group is a firm supporter of free and equal competition on open and transparent terms. For this reason, we refuse to accept corruption in any shape or form.
global perspective

UN Global Compact

Many challenges facing society today are global in nature. Since 2009, we have therefore been a participant in the UN Global Compact, which is the world's biggest initiative for corporate sustainability.
trust and responsibility

Partner Code of Conduct

When customers purchase products from the TDC Group, they can be sure that responsibility – with regard to human rights and the environment, for example – has been emphasized in every link of the value chain. We make high demands on our suppliers, who are likewise required to apply them to their subcontractors. These demands take as their starting point the UN Global Compact, which we have participated in since 2009, and they are communicated to our stakeholders in the form of our Partner Code of Conduct, to which all suppliers and partners are expected to adhere.

Contact our CSR department

If you have any questions about our CSR work, you are always welcome to contact our CSR department.