Anti-corruption and gifts

The TDC Group does not accept corruption or bribery in any shape or form, and has undertaken to abide by the UN’s Merida Convention against corruption.

The TDC Group is a firm supporter of free and equal competition on open and transparent terms. We refuse to accept the conclusion of business agreements on dubious or unlawful bases, neither when we deliver goods or service to others, nor when others are suppliers to us. Nor do we accept that political or regulatory decisions about framework conditions that affect our business are taken on the basis of questionable methods.

Our Gift Policy

The TDC Group applies a set gift policy which entails that our employees may only give or receive gifts, meals or other gratuities that are within reasonable limits and which have a precise and legitimate commercial purpose.

We do not make donations for any purpose whatsoever with a view to obtaining an unfair commercial advantage.

The TDC Group does not provide financial support to political parties or candidates, but does accept that commercial organisations of which we are a member, for example, make financial contributions to political objectives on their own behalf.

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