Meet our President and CEO

“We build the infrastructure required to develop a digital society. We make sure that people can talk to each other across huge distances, and get together to enjoy the best entertainment. We work to help businesses grow without hindrances, and to ensure that Denmark is ready for a digital future featuring intelligent homes and smart cities linked together by a world-class internet service. We’re making the digital future come true.”

Pernille Erenbjerg
Group CEO and President, TDC Group A/S

Brands in the TDC Group

The TDC Group operates a multi-brand strategy that covers both commercial and consumer markets. All our brands fulfil different roles with regard to customers, and our brand portfolio as a whole puts us in a position to deliver solutions to all customers, irrespective of age, needs and location of residence. That is why we constantly offer new solutions as our customers’ needs and preferences change.


Annual Report 2015

The TDC Group’s profits for 2015 were in line with expectations. However, it was deemed necessary to cancel the remaining dividend payment for 2015 in order to counteract the difficulties that are expected to continue in 2016. We have launched a new 2018 strategy that addresses conditions on the challenging Danish market.

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Corporate Governance

TDC  Group strives to apply the principles of healthy corporate governance. This page presents TDC Group's statutory report on corporate governance in accordance with Section 107b of the Danish Financial Statements Act. The report details TDC Group's position on the recommendations from the Committee on Corporate Governance.

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