Board of Directors

TDC's Board of Directors comprises 11 members, of whom seven are elected by the General Meeting, and four are elected by the employees.

The Board of Directors has an international profile and some diversification in relation to age, nationality and professional background.

In 2016, the Board of Directors reached its objective that by the end of 2016, no gender (among the board members elected by the General Meeting) shall be represented on the Board of Directors by less than 25%.

The percentages of female and male board members were 36% and 64%, respectively, in 2017.

The Board of Directors’ distribution by gender complies with the Danish Business Authority’s Guidance from March 2016 on “Objectives and policies for the gender composition of management and reporting hereof” and in particular the clarification as to what is meant be equal distribution by gender across a variety of boards of different sizes. Therefore, the Board of Directors is under no obligation, according to the Danish Companies Act, to set up a new objective for its distribution by gender.

The Board of Directors features a wide range of competence and experience, including: financial competency, legal competency, customer relationship experience, international telecommunications experience, online business experience, branding experience and senior executive experience from other Danish listed companies.

Additional details of the competences and experience of the individual Board members

Board members elected by the employees

Pursuant to Danish legislation, the employees of TDC are entitled to representation on the Company’s Board of Directors in the form of employee-elected board members. The Danish Companies Act grants the employees the right to elect a number of representatives equivalent to half of the total number of board members elected at the General Meeting.

The board members are elected by employees for a four-year period, and have the same rights, obligations and responsibilities as the board members elected by the General Meeting. The current employee representatives were elected to the Board of Directors in 2016 and their period will expire in 2020.

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