History of the TDC Group

For 130 years, the TDC Group has been delivering innovative communications solutions that link Danes more closely together. Here are a few highlights from the history of the TDC Group:


The first telephone exchange opens in Copenhagen; it has 22 customers who share an interest in being more closely linked with each other. This leads to the formation of Kjøbenhavns Telefon-Aktieselskab (KTAS). Shortly afterwards, new exchanges start to appear in many other parts of Denmark, and an additional three telecom companies are founded. Denmark now has four telecom companies, each with a separate monopoly from the state to run telecom operations in its specific region.

1980s & 1990s 

The telecom markets in many European countries are liberalised. This is a dynamic period in telecom history, which also witnesses the rise of mobile phones, cable TV and internet connections.


The Danish parliament decides to amalgamate the four Danish telecom companies to form a single company – Tele Danmark – which is to take on international telecom companies. A few years later, the Danish State sells Tele Danmark via an IPO, which is actually the biggest IPO in the world outside a domestic market. Tele Danmark now expands abroad; at the same time, a number of foreign telecom companies establish a presence on the Danish market.


Tele Danmark changes its name to the TDC Group.


Five private equity funds team up under the name of Nordic Telephone Company (NTC) and purchase 87.9% of the shares in the TDC Group. During the period after the acquisition, the company strategy is altered to direct the focus back towards the Nordic countries once more. The TDC Group sells off its European subsidiaries. Over the next ten years, NTC gradually sells off its shares in the TDC Group, and withdraws completely in 2013.


The TDC Group and the Chinese technology company Huawei partner up to establish a world-class 4G mobile network.


The TDC Group merges the two sub-brands TDC and YouSee under the name of YouSee. The TDC Group also enters into a new partnership with Huawei to roll out 1,000 megabit broadband in Denmark.

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