Reliable and high-speed fibre network on its way

TDC wishes to contribute to a digital Denmark

TDC’s first wave of rolling out its fiber network to Danish households and businesses has begun. The fiber roll-out is a new step TDC is taking in its strategy to contribute to a digital Denmark. During the first wave, TDC is offering about 4,000 households free connection to TDC’s fiber network in selected areas of Hvidovre and on Amager.
TDC contributes to a digital denmark
TDC has been connecting Denmark for 136 years, and it’s a major strategic focus for us to build the digital infrastructure of the future. Fiber is the future of broadband infrastructure and we want to be at the forefront

Andreas Pfisterer

Senior Executive Vice President, TDC Group

Are we rolling out fiber near you?


Find out more about TDC's fiber network or meet us when we visit your area.

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Find out more about TDC's fiber network or meet us when we visit your area.

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Why say yes?

Benefits of being connected to TDC's fiber network

  • It is free of charge to have your address connected
  • You can buy a subscription from a provider of your choice. It is up to you whether and when you wish to use the connection.  
  • The opportunity for speeds of up to 1000 Mbit - and even faster in the future. 
  • A fiber connection can increase the value of your home. 

Applies to a standard connection to TDC’s fiber network from the road to the nearest facade. Does not cover delivery of broadband, TV or telephony. There may be cases when, for technical, physical or economic reasons, TDC is unable to install a fiber connection.

                                     Q & A


  1. You can check if you can be connected to TDC’s fiber network absolutely free here. If you can be connected to the fiber network, after you have registered you will receive an order confirmation. At a later date, we will call you to agree on a time when we can visit. If we are unable to connect your address to TDC’s fiber network at the present time, you will receive a message immediately when you type in your address. 

  2. When we are close to your neighbourhood, we will contact you to find a date when our fiber technician can come and visit. During the planned visit, the technician will look at where and how we can connect your address to the fiber network as expediently as possible. If you wish to know more about the process, you can see more here
  3. We are rolling out the fiber network in the ground to prepare for future needs, as the Danes’ internet consumption has increased fivefold in less than six years.  Requirements for speed and stability have increased even more, and it is therefore important to be able to accommodate current and future needs. For TDC, this is an investment in the future.
  4. If your address can be connected to the fiber network, the deadline will depend on how long we will be working in your area. You can see the specific deadline for your area if you visit the website for your area. Any questions? Just call 7010 0060 Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.

  5. When a fiber socket has been installed in your home, you can choose to buy a subscription from a provider of your choice. NB: Additional equipment is required for this and connection costs may be linked to purchasing a subscription.  It is voluntary whether and when you wish to use the connection.
  6. You may cancel your registration for TDC’s fiber network until the day before we begin the work. Let us know as soon as possible on 7010 0060, if you wish to cancel your registration. We are ready to take your call Monday to  Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.
  7. If you receive an error message when trying to register your address, it is probably because your address is outside the areas where TDC is rolling out the fibre net. If you have any questions or are in doubt about anything, just call us on 7010 0060 Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.
  8. You are very welcome to call us on 7010 0060 Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.

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